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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 21, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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beating her father finally was in court. her father was over 90, the camera caught the nurse hitting him over and over. she was charged, bailed out and then disappeared. last year the feds finally tracked her down in kenya and brought her back. today she pled guilty to three counts of abusing an at risk adult and received six years. >> it probably will feel more like her sitting in that prison every day. it's a constant reminder. she will live with this for life. >> the fact that we were able to bring her back and achieve such a substantial sentence. i believe sent a message of the seriousness with which we treat these cases and how we inintend to prosecute them. >> she was supposed to take a plea deal in court in december
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but bailed on that. if she took that deal she would have served less time. >> thank you. as we said she has been covering the sore from the beginning. for the latest on all of her investigations follow her on twitter. >> all new, you are rushing to drop your kids off at day indication then find out it's closed for good. >> i can't imagine. it happened leaving 70 children and their parents in the cold. jeff joins us now with more on how it happened. >> reporter: it appears a struggling partnership between two child care centers was bad for business and it was bad for the children. parents showed up at tomorrow's healedders learning and outreach on east drive this morning they found the doors locked and signs that said the center would close on the 22nd. that's tomorrow. the trouble is they had no notice, the lights were off and the doors closed a day early.
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>> luckily i had someone to watch my grandson this morning but others had nobody. >> for every parent that brought their child. it wasn't my intention to like i'm sorry. >> reporter: while the director is apologizing she said it was her partner who runs another center by the same name who came and took her furniture and their employee and client records including those telephone numbers needed to warn them that it was shutting down. we even found some of the haul behind the center on liberty road. about 95% of the center clients used state vouchers for their child care and now the attorney general's office is investigating whether any of that money was miss spent. abc 2news. >> whether you are looking for a daycare or want to know how safe your child's daycare is
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the investigators are working for you. they went through every daycare inspection in the state to see how safe your child's daycare is and how it did on the ratings. what you can do is log onto abc to see the results. now the latest in the case of the development against a doctor. the former john's hopkins doctor who took his own life early this week after being accused of videotaping his patients. one local attorney said more than 70 of his former patients have contacted him and he is now planning a suit against the hospital. hospital fired him a few weeks before his death but the attorney said his procedures and supervision were obviously lacking. >> one man is dead and a woman and child are in the hospital at this hour after a tractor trailer hit their truck on the beltway just before rush hour here. we brought you the images first as breaking news on good morning maryland. of the scene as investigators
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tried to put together what happened. officials say that the tractor triller hit the man as he tried to change a tire on the shoulder of 695 near the belaire road road. now taking a live look at the scene, spot traffic is moving noun as the rush hour gets underway. officials haven't released the names of the man who was killed or the driver of the trailer. >> thank you. the sun was out today but it was deceiving. it was windy and cold and now we are hours what appears to be another storm. let's go over to wyatt in the storm center for the latest on when we could get hit by the next storm. >> its been that kind of february. back and forth we go. aa nice looking thursday though, have to apologize the winds stayed up more than we thought. breezesy conditions once again with gusts over 20. making for quite a wind chill. wind temperatures down to 40. most of the state in the 30s today. colder with the wind chill and
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a new storm headed east now. this is what we are watching now. sort of a spread out, not a tightly wrapped low pressure area but a wide area of precipitation moving from west to east. this will start to arrive probably by midday tomorrow. so enjoy, 40s clear and cold but tomorrow night different. we will have the details ahead. >> thank you. >> update to the breaking news from this morning out of cecil where ten cars from a spray train derailed. >> two of the cars were carrying acid but no leaks were found. nobody was hurt but the road was shut down for hours after the crash and csx is trying to figure out what caused the derailment. and three children ages five, eight and ten were all pulled from the burning home this morning with no pulse. the fire officials say firefighters started cpr on all
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of them but only one of them was revived. it all happened at 4:00 in the morning. officials say that a woman and an 8-year-old were able to get out of the house before crews arrived. and now here is the latest on the breaking news out of las vegas. >> it was a crazy scene with two cars driving along with bullets flying between them. >> alex stone has the latest from the scene that looked like something out of a movie on the strip. >> reporter: carnage in the middle of the strip after a deadly shooting that led to this crash in front of several famous casinos. >> possibly rolling gun battle. we believe there was an aattacking vehicle. >> reporter: it was after four police say passengers in a black range rover opened fire on another car heading up the boulevard. the driver of the car was killed, a passenger wounded. the sports car crashed into several other vehicles. >> one of those vehicles which
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was a taxi cab, the cab caught on fire and exploded. >> reporter: the driver and his passenger trapped inside were killed. >> i could see one vehicle totally on fire. >> reporter: witnesses went rushing to the scene to help. this man didn't want too be identified. >> i ran over to help the man in the sports car, pull him out and tried to give him cpr. >> reporter: six cars were involved several people were injured as they continue to search for the range rover. >> it has very large black rims on it and some sort of a dealer plate. >> reporter: detectives are also now searching through surveillance video captured along the strip hoping to track down a license plate number. alex stone. >> and the bail hearing for the athlete turned murder suspect isn't over. >> no the hearing has gone on for three days and the damaging new details are still coming out. >> he now said he was closing
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his balcony doors when he heard a noise from the bathroom. he said that's when he grabbed a gun from underneath his bed and fired. prosecutors say that's not possible because the gun holster was under his girlfriend's side of the bed and he would have seen she wasn't there. further complicating the case the lead detective on the investigation is facing murder charges of his own so he has been pulled off the case. >> just eight days now more than 100,000 neighbors could be getting a pay cut. what the sequester means for employees here. >> you start up your computer and find a message from the fbi when to do if you get a pop up saying you have been going on illegal sites. >> and we know men and women express themselves in different ways. who uses more words to do it? the results of a new study when i shut up. irene, drop the itch.
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. we have break news from hartford. three vehicles collided on route 23. right near grafton. one person is in critical, another in serious and two more people suffered minor injuries. one of the vehicles was a 3,000- gallon gas tanker. one vehicle had a horse trailer, the two horses are with a vet. route 23 will be shut down for several hours. stay with us as we continue to cover this. >> by the time this story is over, about two minutes, two more americans will develop alzheimer's. right now there is no cure but there may be some hope. linda introduces you to a woman who is the first in the country to have a pace maker put in her brain to help with alzheimer's. >> let's have you cross out
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the a's. >> reporter: kathy had the procedure last fall. a pace maker implanted in her brain. she is given tests and asked to highlight certain shapes. the first time she took the test she barely found any. >> then they turned on and she got 30. it was a dramatic improvement. we knew they were onto something. >> reporter: the machine is this, with a touch of a buton doctors can adjust rice sized probes put in just the right spot during a surgery. >> for us to find the right spot in the brain we do brain mapping where we put tiny hair line microphones in to the brain and listen to the brain cells talking to each other. >> reporter: it's a process you can hear in this video as the phones pick up brain cells talking, it sounds like static. the doctor preformed the surgery and after just a few
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months is encouraged. >> if the early findings continue it to be robust and progressive that will be very promising and encouraging for us. so far, we are cautionly optimistic. . >> reporter: kathy didn't hesitate to volunteer. not so much for her sake but for others. >> i have kids. grandkids, i'm like yeah i will make the world better. i hope. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> amazing. it works like sending electric signals to certain parts of the brain to try to stimulate activity. knowing where to send the signals is the key. >> now maryland's most accurate forecast. >> let's take a look at that weather in motion. you can see a mix of sun and clouds, most of us saw that today. bright conditions, it was breezy. winds never really letting up. annapolis, clear sykes, see that chop on the river from all
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the wind. kind of shaking our camera. we expect winds to die off and be sort of moderate breezes but that didn't happen. the wind stayed strong all day. you are working outside. you felt the effects of this. want to show you what we are watching to the west and developing area of low pressure. we are clear here for the moment but as we take you out toward north texas this is the center of low pressure, this is bringing us a potential for icy weather. by this time tomorrow or into tomorrow evening much more on that in a second. first the cold air is in place, mid to low 30s. 19 mountains, 36 at the beach, winds still north, these gusts have been a little higher than anticipated with wind gusts around 22 to 28 especially on the eastern shore. wind totals down. better in the sun but overall you notice that wind. here is the deal. we are clear for tonight, clear as you start it off in the morning, things will start to change though. winter weather advisory has been posted for garret west and they ney be expanded but for
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right now we push past midmorning when we could see a few rain showers, maybe a little sleet and we go into tomorrow evening. this will be the key time frame, five, six, seven, there is a lot of moisture south of maryland. some of that were to drift to central maryland we anticipate that to be an icy mix. even briefly this could ice up north and west of baltimore tomorrow evening. if you are driving west tomorrow evening you should be careful especially on the overpasses and then as we move into saturday a lot of rain off shore with at least showers across central maryland. looks like an ugly, chilly day with rain on and off saturday, not so much icy weather but a cold, dreary day. sunday looking like the better weather day. you can see the storm starting to edge in now into the clear skies over our state. this will be the change as we go into tomorrow and it's fairly widespread area of
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precipitation seven. center of the storm isn't wound up but it'll encounter the cold area, hitting the blocking high pressure area. mike will have more on this but that storm rolls in that will interact with that cold air and even with light showers, just sort of light on and off tomorrow afternoon and evening, sleet threat will be there. it'll be real with rain for southern maryland and lower eastern shore. tonight 24, clouds increase. tomorrow 35, your two degree guarantee. as we cloud up it'll be tough to see and mixed showers could persist into tomorrow evening with temperatures around that freezing park. especially north and west of the city. that's where the main concerns are. we look at the abc2 most accurate seven day forecast. icy conditions, changing to just rain as we move toward saturday early, and then i think that rain will be ending through the day on saturday.
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no exact time, just a dreary chilly day, most of us saturday in the 30s, probably 42 late in the day. better weather sunday. >> sunday. >> into the weekend. >> today was a pretty day. wind was tough. >> bundle up. >> well storm may be headed our way. tomorrow night. >> he will escape the worst of it. >> mike is here with the latest from out west where they are not so lucky. >> yeah. certainly some interesting pictures coming out of that part of the country. this storm causing headaches from denver to des moines. thousands of schools closed. that's a common thing. take a look. blizzard like conditions blasting parts of the midwest. >> there we go. >> reporter: thunderstorms rattling parts of kansas where ginger is braving the weather. >> here we are in topea, the snow is really coming down.
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>> reporter: the storm that started in california with snow and tornadoes making its way east. 20 states new mexico to virginia are under some sort of a winter weather alert with as much as 20 inches of snow expected in some areas. >> from the looks of the forecast more of the same. >> reporter: the accumulation and ice as much as a half inch thick in spots causing big problems for drivers. including first responders, the storm already blamed for at least one death in the can cancellation of hundreds of flights. millions of others are bracing for much more snow, ice and possible tornadoes with the storm moving in to des moines, minneapolis and chicago tonight. expected to bring the windy city it's biggest snow fall of the year. >> yeah. given how large the storm system is, airports like chicago, denver, minneapolis, kansas can city, they are experiencing massive delays.
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say you are going out from dwi, tonight you need to check in with your air carrier because you could have problems. we have more information on the website. i have a blog up there and on the facebook we will post pictures. i will talk more about the storm in just a bit. send it back to you. >> thank you. emergency crews come to the rescue of a patient injured after being hit by a car but that patient was a rare bird. how this bald eagle is doing. >> not every weather person is as to this weather guy passes out. hey. hey, buddy. come on. what he said about fainting on live tv.
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. emergency crews rush to help a victim hit by a car but it's a bald eagle. it was 'rescued from the side of a highway. his leg was broken. he was taken to the vet. he was partly paralyzed but in stable condition. take a look at what you may shell out for the next time up grade your phone this is a clear cell phone. what? a technology company spent six years developing it. the company said its scratch and shatter proof. you can't buy it yet. it's expected to me available by the end of the year. it's rumored to be cheaper than the i-phone 5. >> my whole life to do this. i don't want to do it anymore. >> weather man in australia passes out during a ride in a stunt plane. it happened live on the air. grant was doing the weather --
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he passed out. when the plane hit 8g's he fainted. he said he doesn't even remember it. after ten seconds he started talking again. >> he will live on on youtube forever. >> of course he passed out. >> coming up, our pit bulls dangerous? the house reversed that but what the decision means for other dog owners. >> and in eight days the economy could take a major hit. how washington is working to avoid massive budget cuts. >> hollywood's leading lady will compete for the best actress crown but they have already made history. what records are being broken by them. . >> and hope you enjoyed the deep blue sykes, new storm on the boards. this one set to arrive this time in the weekend.
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. our top story, a guilty plea for the women caught on tape beating an elderly man in her care. she was charged years ago but ran after she was let out on bail. she was sent back to baltimore from kenya in what is considered the city's first successful extradition case. >> local daycare shut down. parents arriving found the doors locked. there was also a sign that you just said saying they were permanently closed and the director is apologizing. she said her partner who runs another center by the same name is at fault. >> a baby was thrown from a car during a cash. a man was killed, the baby and a woman was were taken to the hospital. it's believed the woman and child were inside the karasch
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car while the man changed a tire. >> weather wise, sunny day but you know it can't last in february. big storm on the map out here in the country's midsection putting down heavy snow across iowa, reaching into missouri and not into tennessee with some cold rain. this system starts to arrive in maryland as we work through the day tomorrow. in the meantime we are under a generally clear sky right now. you can see the set up. overnight cold, 21hagerstown. breeze doesn't want to let up. >> all right. we want township date you on the breaking news we brought you first online and on twitter. we are a step closer to removing the inherently dangerous label from pit bulls. >>


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